No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky

First Release Tasmanian Blended Malt Whisky

Batch 1

500ml | 49.1% ABV | Tasmania, Australia
Only 114 bottles produced.
Non chill-filtered and natural colour.

The backbone of this whisky came from a batch of Chris Condon’s famed peated whisky from Launceston Distillery. It was a part of a 200 litre vatting of peated spirit matured in first fill ex-Bourbon casks from Tas Cask Company. The peated influence of this whisky was massive, so with that in mind, Hobart Whisky distiller Ben James selected one of their ex-Bourbon casks from Jack Daniels with an equally big and viscous flavour profile to marry it with.

The first time we initially tried it together, Ben, Chris and I immediately thought that we had the makings of a make a big, rich peated Bourbon cask flavour bomb. After months of integration and airing, this whisky did not disappoint and we were delighted with the final result. Fans of both Launceston Distillery and Hobart Whisky will find comfort in recognizing the distinctive influences of both distilleries in this blend.

I present to you, the very first release of No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky – Batch 1, peated ex-Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Whisky. Made with great people to be enjoyed in great company

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet peat into an oak-driven caramelized bacon, leading to toffee, milk chocolate, vanilla pods, and wisps of cherry wood smoke. Further notes of tobacco leaf, saltiness, and subtle pantry spices.

Palate: A sweet and savoury whisky featuring a heavy viscous spirit with a complex and bold profile. The mid-palate is peat driven. Flavours of sweet peated treacle, salted caramel and dark cherry cola leads to charred marinated ribs with cacao nibs, bush honey, dried apples, and citrus spice. Toasted marshmallows around the campfire.

Finish: Sweet peat to the end with meaty smoked bourbon notes, subtle earthiness and brine leading back to lingering chocolate and toffee notes.

Batch 2

500ml | 47.2% ABV | Tasmania, Australia
Only 86 bottles produced.
Non chill-filtered and natural colour.

The first component of this blend came from Hobart Whisky. I was presented with a whisky that had been matured in a beautiful Hillrock American Oak 40L cask that previously held their lightly smoked single malt whisky. The Hobart spirit really sings in this cask. It was incredibly seductive from the beginning with aromas of crème caramel pudding and banana bread.

We didn’t want to lose any of the beautiful Bourbon cask characteristics that we had been given so we looked to do a double Bourbon cask blend. It was married with a portion of Launceston’s own first-fill ex-Bourbon cask whisky taken from a 100L cask from Tas Cask Company of around 5 years of age. This whisky brought toffee apple, gentle spice and soft oak profile to the blend.

These whiskies were married together and after several months they integrated exceptionally well. A wonderful example of Bourbon cask whisky – Tasmanian style. The balance between the spirit and cask is spot-on. I present to you, the very first release of No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky – Batch 2, ex-Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Whisky. Made with great people to be enjoyed in great company.

*Hillrock Estate Distillery, based in the Hudson Valley region of New York, is a paddock-to-bottle distillery that uses their estate grown barley that’s “traditionally smoked” in their on-site Malthouse with imported peat from Scotland for approximately 12 hours prior to distillation.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Warm vanilla bean with nutmeg and clove, toffee, banana bread, gummy bears and springtime honeysuckle blossom. Leading to toasted rye, floral notes and gentle oak.

Palate: Begins with boiled lollies, honey and citrus. The viscous mid-palate begins with warm spices, crème brûlée, rich roasted chocolate malt grain, dark fruits, and enticing honeycomb.

Finish: A long and satisfying finish, featuring creamed honey, rose, toffee and gentle spice with light toasted grain and sweet oak char. A beautifully integrated whisky, balancing the spirit and cask.